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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Just Like Riding A Bike...

Well, it finally happened; I decided to blog again. I know, I know -- it took me long enough, right? Well, the reason for the six-month hiatus was simple: my old blog had finally become entirely too unmanageable. This statement might sound odd since a quick search of the archives at Cowtown & Coolage will show that for 6 of the 8 months that it was "up and running", there were fewer than 10 friggin posts. Hell, for 3 of those months there were fewer than 5! But that's just my point: the whole idea of C&C was just too broad for a broke college student with too many distractions to manage.

While it was a fun hobby, Cowtown & Coolage presented several difficulties. The blog was supposed to be about 'anything and everything that tickled my pop culture fancy', but I soon found out that my pop culture fancy is probably too easily 'tickled', and by too many subjects. And, feeling the need to spit out many entries on a daily basis, I often found that my posts consisted of nothing more than cut-and-pasted bits from my own blog subscriptions: links, videos, pictures, quotes, etc., etc., with hardly any original thought to make them my own. I felt like I was writing someone else's work over again. Last but not least, given the 1st "C" of Cowtown & Coolage's name, I decided I was somehow supposed to distinguish it as a uniquely Texan and "Fort Worthian" pop culture blog, but I still have no idea how do that outside of going to a lot more local shows/events than I have dollars.

In any case, I have decided not to resurrect the old blog, as that would only result in me posting twenty entries on the first day and zero for another six months thereafter. It was a fun experiment, but it's over now. However, as may seem obvious, I have not given up on blogging. I have decided instead to create three new and different blogs. Each of these three blogs will be devoted to a subject of pop culture but each will be more clearly defined than my former blog, as it was devoted to the subject of pop culture, i.e.  "pop culture" taken abstractly and absolutely. Though there will be no means by an entry per day for each of the three blogs, they will be consistently more entries among the three taken as a whole than there was on the old blog, and there will be more original thoughts in each entry. In other words, more personality, less needless hiatuses.

This particular blog ("Fuzzy Red TV"), is naturally devoted to all things TV (or rather, all things TV I give a cuss about). Its sister site "songs that go KABONG!" is devoted to all things music I give a cuss about, and there will be another (as yet unmade) sister site devoted to all things movies I give a cuss about. These will be the spiritual successors of Cowtown & Coolage. I shall try my best to make these blogs as interesting, entertaining, insightful, and discussion-and subscription-worthy as I can. That's my pledge. (*Raising left hand and placing right hand over heart*) "Blogger's honor."

P.S. I want to thank everyone who read and commented on Cowtown & Coolage, and especially Emily, Kinsey, & Thomas, for their outstanding guest contributions. I'm really glad C&C ended up with more than one voice; many of you gave the blog more variety than I ever could. If any of you would like to make a guest post on here or one of the other new blogs, just let me know.
P.P.S. It took me for-frikkin-ever to come up with this silly site name & design, so I hope to God y'all like it and think it's special & pretty & funny & yummy & wonderful. :P


  1. I like it. And glad to see you back. The design of this blog is very clean and readable. Great job.
    TV I am waiting for: 24, American Idol, and Lost. TV I will miss: Life.

  2. Yes. It is yummy. Schmeckt gut.

  3. Wait. What? Thrown-up guts?


    "It tastes good."

    Well thanks.